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The Top Tech Websites a Tech Fanatic Needs to Know About

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing and evolving industry in the history of the world. Things go obsolete in a matter of months and as a tech fanatic staying on top of what’s happening is a cumbersome task that requires non stop awareness. There are simply too many things that are going on and you simply cannot keep up with it.

So, what do you do? Give up on your interest and go about your life or find something to help you keep up with the world of tech. What you need is a site tailor made for tech and thankfully due to the interest the industry garners from the public there are tons of site that do exactly that. So to make it easier for you I have compiled a list of the best tech websites for tech fanatics like you and me.


TechCrunch is one of the most popular tech sites in the world. They host content from all the fields of tech with a special focus on startups and incubators. The site also focuses a lot on investments and funding of startups and companies. It also has a event called disrupt that takes place all over the world, where key people in the industry hold talks and startups showcase their hardware and software.

TheNextWeb (TNW)

TNW is one of the most distinguished tech sites in the industry and is home to some of the most eminent figures in tech journalism like Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. They have talks with CEO’s and founder and up to date news on the happenings of the industry. It has really good sources that churn out some phenomenal articles on future gadgets as well.


There is really very little that can be said about Wired.com. Perhaps the most popular science and tech websites of all time, the Wired focuses on both science and technology on its sights. It is known for its versatility and user interface. It has everything related to tech whether it is transport or startups or AI. It is a one stop shop for tech and science geeks.

The Verge

Tech lovers everywhere know the name of this sight. The verge is a tech and entertainment website that mainly focuses on tech. Even on the entertainment side of things, they focus on the tech side of the story. It also houses one of the most popular podcasts in the industry where the journalist at the Verge speak of everything about tech.