Does Lemon and Coffee good for Belly Fat?

One of the most popular magic drink is trending on Tiktok & claims to reduce the overall body weight specially belly fat within less span of time. Many people have used this drink followed by portion control, calories deficit diet, workout and got quick results during their weight loss journey.

Steps to make weight loss drink:

1st step: Take one cup of boiling water.

2nd step: Add 1tbs of coffee.

3rd step: Squeeze one medium size lemon & it is ready to drink in early morning in an empty stomach.

Additional Benefits:

Coffee is one of the most consumed drink in breakfast worldwide to stimulate the nervous system & increase in alertness. Whereas, lemon is a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Further, coffee & lemon drink will help the person to reduce Type 2 diabetes, increase metabolism & ultimately help in fat reduction.

Side effects:

  • Addiction to caffeine – which is clinical disorder as per WHO (World Health organization).
  • Allergy – Some people are allergic to citrus fruits, daily intake and without doctors advise can lead to adverse effects in longer run.
  • Increase heart burn- Taking it early in morning can cause heart burn.


While consuming this drink, please keep in mind that weight loss or reduction in belly fat mainly depends on your food habit & lifestyle. So, it is advisable to take it with reduce calories diet and do 30 minutes workout daily to get the quicker and better results.

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